CrossFit Exemplify is coming together to help stock a MicroPantry at Premier Academy in Morris, IL.  This school does not have lunches available for kids without.  Each day between 8-20 of the school's approximate 100 kids go without lunch (That's up to 20% of the kids each day).  We can easily help provide food to keep this MicroPantry stocked for those kids in need.  Every kid needs a meal in the middle of their school day.  Let's make that happen!

How: December Team Fundraiser

When: The month of December

Who: As many athletes as possible!

Why: To raise enough money to keep the MicroPantry stocked for the remainder of 2018/2019 school year

How: Each participant can sign up to be a part of our Team Fundraiser Challenge.  Your registration fee (100% donation) will go directly to stocking the MicroPantry at Premier Academy.

Details: After registering, you will be placed on a team (determined by CrossFit Exemplify) and you will have 3 tasks through the week to accumulate points.  These can easily be done before/after your daily wod.  Choose 1/day and complete anytime during the week.  There are 4 weeks in you'll do 1,2 & 3 once each week.

1) 5 min of rowing/ski erg for Calories

2) 4 min of Echo bike for Calories

3) 3 min of Burpees for reps

We will have a record sheet at each gym to record your results.  Every calorie/rep is one point for your team.  The teams points will be tallied and kept through the month.  Winning team will be announced at the end of the month and will receive a fun prize!