Stories from CFX...Nicole Newman

Life before burn- well, I was actually doing amazing as far as diet and exercise went for awhile. Life happened and I stopped taking care of myself. Part of that was some lower  back issues. Got back into it and was doing great again. More life happened and for a whole year prior to starting Burn I did nothing. No exercise, I was eating like crap, and I wasn’t happy at all with how I felt everyday. I started watching my then 4mo old great-nieces and I was EXHAUSTED. My back was killing me from taking care of them, I was having meltdowns and I knew if I wanted to continue caring for them something had to change. I saw the ad for Burn on Facebook and knew of CFX because I live in Yorkville. I had also done CrossFit before so it was very appealing.

What has changed for me...EVERYTHING that I wanted to change!  I have ENERGY again!!  That’s the biggest part. I’m a high energy, go-go-go kinda gal and I love having that back again. I missed that person more than I even realized. I’m meal prepping and eating pretty clean which was a very big part of my life once. It’s fantastic to be able to eat like a horse and lose weight bc you’re eating properly. I feel great, my clothes fit better, I’m happier and my family notices bc I’m less of a crab around the house day to day!  Taking care of twin babies is difficult still of course, but I have the energy now to be able to do it.

What I love about Burn classes is I’m in and out in 30 minutes. I’m busy, I have a lot of people to take care of and I get to have time to take care of myself now too!  The price is right also. CrossFit is expensive and I love that I can still do this kind of a workout at a fraction of the cost. Time and Money are deal breakers for doing anything and Burn is quick and easy on the wallet. It’s a win-win. I’m still weary about lifting heavy bc of prior back issues and Burn is allowing me to build muscle and lose weight without barbells. I hope to get back to lifting someday, but for now this is perfect for me. I’ve met some great people, the class times work with my schedule and I love that there is a coach showing you and telling you what to do. (Thanks Jordan!) I would never join a gym because I would have no idea what to even do in one.  Lol!

Thanks everyone at CFX for helping me get back to a healthier me. I like this person SO MUCH BETTER!

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