Stories from CFX...Pam Mailloux

My biggest frustration was trying to lose weight and get “healthy” but I was unable to find a fitness plan I could stick to. I tried joining several gyms and even personal trainers, but I never could find a workout plan that was designed for my needs. Fad diets never seemed to work, and I would end up gaining more weight than I lost.

These struggles affected my life as the older I became, going through menopause, my arthritis was flaring up, my weight was at the highest its ever been, my cholesterol and blood pressure were creeping up. My Doctor was going to put me on meds if I did not get my health under control. I knew at this point I needed a change.

Your program has helped me lose weight, and inches, get my blood pressure and cholesterol under control. I love the variety of workouts, so I have stuck to it for over a year. The Coaches are so knowledgeable that any of workouts can be modified to fit my individual limitations. The workouts are challenging but are designed for any athlete from beginner to advanced. My Doctor has noticed my improved lung capacity. My arthritis doesn’t even seem to bother me as much as before.

Life now, I am more active. I don’t need help carrying the dog food to the car or putting the case of water in the grocery cart. I can move better and don’t get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. I’ve even learned about nutrition and most importantly can put my own suitcase in the car.

I was very intimidated to enter Exemplify. I was told it’s a bunch of “crazy meathead jocks “that don’t care about proper technique and everyone is always getting hurt. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I started at Exemplify in my 50’s, I have been going for over a year and am hooked. The athletes are like one big family. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. It is a judge free zone. Many of the athletes spend time giving back to the community. Several of us helped at Habitat for Humanity. Never in a million years would I have thought I could build a wall, climb a rope, jump on a box or even run a mile where before I could barely squat down to hammer a nail. It really is functional fitness.

- Pam M.

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