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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 1.10.21

Monday - "Not An Ambi-Turner"

Building off last week's front squats we are hitting 5x5 today for strength. Our workout will be more about muscular fatigue today than heavy heart rate and breathing. We will work in some devil's press, pistols, box jumps, lunges and handstand push ups.

Tuesday- "Mount Vesuvius"

Changing up today with some gymnastics skill work followed by a shorter duration couplet workout of GHD sit ups and gymnastics skill on the bar.

Wednesday - "Mugatu"

Our weightlifting complex today is a clean and jerk complex. Our workout is an EMOM of wall walks, hang power cleans + push jerk, bike and wall balls.

Thursday - "Breakdance Fighting"

High volume short duration intervals today with burpees, row and slam balls with a core accessory finisher. Looking to build our aerobic capacity today.

Friday - "The Black Lung"

Working the deadlift today with some low volume, but high percentage lifting to work the posterior chain today. We then have two couplets of power snatches and toes to bar followed by power snatches and pull ups for a high effort workout.


Our gymnastics skill this weekend will be the pull up. We will be going through some drills to tighten up our technique.

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