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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 1.24.22

Monday - "Ford vs Ferrari"

Starting off the week re-testing our 5RM Front Squat. The workout to follow is a couplet of thrusters and toes to bar building some gymnastics conditioning and thruster capacity.

Tuesday - "Unbroken"

Building some gymnastics strength today with the weighted pull up and weighted dip. Workout to follow is a triplet of DB snatch, chest to bar pull ups and row/run/bike focused on high power output.

Wednesday - "Warrior"

Working some barbell conditioning and positioning with a clean and jerk complex. Then a triplet of handstand push ups, hang power cleans and box jumps building muscular stamina.

Thursday - "Mikko's Triangle"

Longer threshold conditioning piece today with row, bike and slam balls building our aerobic capacity.

Friday - "Moneyball"

Starting off with some heavier deadlifts to work that hinge pattern development. A couplet of wall balls and burpees to finish off the hour.

Saturday - "The Fighter"

We have an upper body pressing circuit followed by a pure power output couplet of row and DB clean and jerks.

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