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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 1.3.22


Today we start off with a 5RM Front Squat into a drop set. The workout to follow is a triplet of row, deadlifts and wall balls. Working today to improve the leg and core strength.


Tuesday begins with the push press into a couple of couplets of shoulder to overhead and pull ups followed by toes to bar and bike.


Starting mid-week with a snatch complex followed by a triplet of power snatch, burpees and overhead squats in an open style threshold conditioning piece.


Longer conditioning piece today with run, wall walks, double unders and farmer's carry to help develop aerobic development and midline stamina.


Ending the work week with the back squat followed by a triplet of muscle ups, thrusters and rowing in this open-style conditioning piece.


Starting the weekend with an upper body strength focus followed by a triplet of pullups, push ups and rotational med ball slams.

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