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CrossFit Exemplify - Yorkville Week of 11.15.21

*Keep in mind the workout is listed as the top tier in levels of the workout. We have beginner and intermediate versions of the workouts for each and every day.


We are hitting a heavy snatch complex to start off the week. Followed by a quick triplet of running, burpee box jump overs and ring muscle ups (LVL 2: CTB pull-ups, LVL 1: banded pull-ups) with an emphasis on moving quickly, staying smooth and hitting quality sets.


We are adding in some specific skill/gymnastics work with the pistol. Our workout to follow is a 6 rounder of strict handstand push ups(LVL 2: kipping HSPU, LVL 1: SA DB Push Press), pistols, alternating dumbbell snatch and max bike or row.


Today we are building percentages on back squat followed by a max effort drop set as we progress towards a new 1RM. Our workout to follow is a short couplet of deadlifts and renegade rows focusing on posterior chain, anti-rotation and core stability engagement.


We are hitting a long aerobic capacity bodyweight AMRAP of cal row, burpees to target, cal bike and double unders. Goal here is moving and staying steady with good pacing across each round.


Strength today is a untraditional superset of bench and power clean and jerks, followed by a triplet of dumbbell power cleans, toes to bar (LVL 2: hanging knee raises, LVL 1: sit-ups) and dumbbell push press.


Starting the day off with some strict shoulder press with a max effort drop set to finish our strength work. Grunt work today with some heavy carries, kettlebell swings, farmers carry and single arm ring plank (LVL 2&1: Double Arm Plank). We are moving with intention and should be more challenged by the loads than heart rate and how fast we are moving.


Getting into a classic CrossFit partner workout with a triplet of rowing, front squats and chest to bar pull-ups (LVL 2: pull ups, LVL 1: ring rows). This one is definitely a burner and will leave you thoroughly taxed once you finish things off.

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