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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 11.22.21

Monday - "Interstellar"

Starting the week off with some heavy doubles and singles of the back squat. Then moving into a steady state effort of muscular stamina with a core emphasis with sit-ups, bike and dumbbell box step overs.

Tuesday - "The Book of Eli"

We are hitting a 3 rep max in the split jerk today. Then following up with some high effort intervals of pull-ups, burpee box jump overs and shoulder to overhead.

Wednesday - "Bird Box"

Starting the day with a snatch progression into heavy doubles. The workout to follow is a sprint effort with quick transitions of rowing and dumbbell sntaches.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday - "12 Monkeys"

Ending the work week with some heavy 3s and 2s of deadlift. Then a classic CrossFit threshold intensity effort of toes to bar, deadlift and handstand push ups in a fun ladder.

Saturday - "Judgement Day"

Working the handstand walk skill today with a lot of progressions and building in some volume. Our workout is a non-scored strength EMOM of bench press, bent over rows and hip extensions.

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