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CrossFit Exemplify - Yorkville Week of 11.29.21

Monday - "Ace"

Starting our Monday with clean and jerk singles. Then a sprint effort couplet of front squats and pull-ups for the workout.

Tuesday - "Eternal Sunshine"

A triple of couplets for the day working on muscular stamina and core stability. Our triplets include bike and sit ups, double unders and HS walk, and rowing and toes to bar.

Wednesday - "YES"

Snatch progressions lead into a heavy power snatch. Then an endurance effort involving running, wall balls and light power snatches.

Thursday - "Truman"

Its bench press day! Then following with a pump style triplet of DB bench, rope climb and box jumps. Get ready for some muscular overload and fatigue to set in!

Friday - "Liar Liar"

Back squats to start with some heavy triples and doubles. Then 4 movements combined in an open style workout with DB power cleans, lunges, bar muscle ups and HSPU.

Saturday - "Dumb and Dumber"

Working up to a 5RM push press then a couple of thrusters and odd object cleans.

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