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CrossFit Exemplify - Yorkville Week of 11.8.21

Monday - "Great Odin's Raven!"

Today has a weightlifting emphasis with power clean and push jerk waves focusing on positioning. Workout is a couplet of clean and jerk and toes to bar. The goal today on our conditioning piece is to maintain big sets on the toe to bar under some fatigue. Should feel like a sprint style workout, but pacing will still be a major consideration.

Tuesday - "It's a Deep Burn"

Strength Emphasis today with a focus on continuing to build volume with the Back Squat. Conditioning is a triplet of KBS + Burpees + DU. Back in the day, a classic Rich Froning benchmark was being able to complete 3 rounds of 25 KBS @ 70/53# and 25 Burpees in under 6:00. Having the capacity to hit that was the benchmark that an athlete was ready capacity wise for regionals and the games. We added in double unders here to work on technical proficiency while also reducing some volume here on the KBS and keeping the capacity high. Push the pace early and try to hang on!

Wednesday - "Kind of a Big Deal"

Gymnastics emphasis where focus here today is really working on spending time working on developing better stamina on our high level gymnastics movements. Workout today consists of 4 Movement EMOM style of C2B Pull-Ups + HSW + GHD Sit-Up + Bike where we are challenging breathing and bracing to create a little extra challenge here.

Thursday - "Milk Was a Bad Choice"

Today is all about muscular stamina and endurance. This is a very leg centric style workout that will be sure to challenge your ability to hold onto the pace on the runs. Classic CrossFit Metcon Triplet of Running + Wall Balls + Power Snatch. We chose a lightweight today to really work on barbell cycling under fatigue. We want athletes to work on unbroken sets, quick transitions, and pacing on the runs to allow for steady state effort today.

Friday - "By the Beard of Zeus!”

Classic Crossfit metcon Triplet of Rope Climbs + Rowing + DB Push Press with moderate loads and volume. Muscular Stamina (Grip Focus) comes into play today with the rope and maintaining a solid pace through the middle of each set on the row.

Saturday - "It's the Pleats"

The focus today is on midline stamina and conditioning. We wanted to get in some extra gymnastics pressing work. Workout consists of Handstand Push Ups, Heavy ball carries, strict knee to elbows in a grinder effect. We have combined the first stability midline stamina workout with a tabata pump finisher to really have athletes get their money's worth today. We should get a good amount of time under tension here and finish off the day with the arms feeling fully pumped and topped off for the weekend!

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