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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 12.13.21

Monday - "The Black Riders"

Starting off working up to heavy singles of the power snatch and moving into the squat snatch for today's strength. Followed up by an open-style test couplet of power snatches and double unders.

Tuesday - "Bad Intentions"

Today is all about capacity. We have a mixed monostructural metcon with rowing, biking and burpee box jump overs. This is a pure threshold test!

Wednesday - "Ackrite"

Mid-week here we are hitting a heavy back squat into max effort set @ 85%. Our workout today is a couplet of toes to bar and lunges working midline stability and unilateral strength.

Thursday - "1 Mile TT"

Hitting a heavy single bench press followed up by a 1 mile run and then testing that muscular endurance with a set of 30 bench press @ 80%.

Friday - "The Recipe"

Working the handstand push-up skill to start the day. Then hitting a highly challenging open-style test of rowing, thrusters, chest to bar pullups and burpees.

Saturday - "Let Me Ride"

Starting the weekend with a heavy power clean and squat clean singles. Then some midline work and gymnastics stamina for a steady state in today's workout.

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