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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 12.20.21

Monday - Our traditional 12 Days of Christmas WOD to kick of Christmas Week! This is a fun strength, stamina and endurance piece with some holiday spirit!

Tuesday - We begin with some heavy bench press and then a fun classic couplet of "Annie" of double unders and abmat sit-ups.

Wednesday - Building up some back squat volume today. Then into a triplet of row, push press and box jumps building up stamina with a focus on hip extension.

Thursday - Starting off today with some skill work on the muscle up and handstand walk progressions. Going into a quality-style AMRAP of strict gymnastic pull, handstand walk (or progression of) and farmers carry.

Friday - Working some barbell technique and cycling with the snatch. Then a capacity triplet of bike, kettlebell swings and burpees that is a full gas petal, high effort style metcon.

Saturday - Merry Christmas!

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