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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 12.27.21

* This will be the second week of our transition phase before moving into the Open Build Phase which will be 10 weeks long and will take us through the CrossFit Open. During this week we are tackling the CrossFit Benchmark workout “Hope” on Friday, along with a fun mix of strength, gymnastics, and conditioning pieces to round out the week.

Monday - "Maclear's Beacon"

Heading into the last week of the year working our endurance and muscular stamina with a classic triplet of running, wall balls and toes to bar.


Starting the day off with a High Hang Power Snatch 3RM and then continuing with some strength work of deadlifts and tempo ring dips.

Wednesday - "Denali"

Hitting mid-week with a triplet of burpee bar muscle ups, double unders and rowing in building efforts with near full recovery in between.

Thursday - "Fitz Roy"

We have a longer threshold intensity workout today with high capacity work of GHD sit ups, front rack carry, back rack reverse lunges and wall walks.

Friday - "Hope"

Today is an EMOM style max effort workout of burpees, power snatches, box jumps, thrusters and CTB pull ups.

Saturday - "Dolomites"

Starting the weekend off with a heavy 3 of Bench Press. Followed by a push/pull couplet of push-ups and rope climbs.

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