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CrossFit Exemplify Yorkville Week of 12.6.21

Monday - "The Black Riders"

Starting the week off with a Snatch Balance + Pausing Overhead Squat to hit some heavy positions without pushing the limit. Then moving into an EMOM style workout with a focus on touch and go power snatches, bike and burpee box jump overs.

Tuesday - "My Precious"

A fun benchmark test of the 1RM weighted strict pull-up. Then hitting a bodyweight focused conditioning workout with running, pull ups, air squats and toes to bar.

Wednesday - "Bilbo Baggins"

We are working quality singles of the power clean today. We then have a retest from Oct. 6th workout with a couplet of deadlifts and wall walks. We have been increasing volume and stamina through the shoulders and hinge, so this should feel a lot more manageable.

Thursday - "Gandalf"

On to the back squat today with some percentage work. Followed by a workout triplet of row, DB step ups and 2 for 1 burpees.

Friday - "Sauron"

Spending some time here working the bar muscle up skill. Then a great little test of skill and stamina in this Open-style workout with some double unders, wall balls and bar muscle ups.

Saturday - "Sam Gamgee"

Strength stability focus today followed by a couplet of running and some overhead, front rack and farmer's carries.

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