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CrossFit Week of 10.11.21

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

THEME FOR THE WEEK: Movies with Female Lead Roles

We are headed into week 2 of our cycle. This week we have a well rounded mix of conditioning, skill, and strength.

Monday: "Tomb Raider"

We are starting off the week with a 6x3 @ 80% on back squats, followed by a mixed interval triplet. Focus today is on moving quickly, developing the kip on pull-ups and getting a little more posterior delt engagement.

Tuesday: "V for Vendetta"

We are moving into a gymnastics skill stamina day today with some handstand walks skills and drills followed by a longer metcon with another dose of high volume toe to bar, interspersed with dual kb front rack lunges, rowing and handstand walks.

Wednesday: "The Devil Wears Prada"

We move into focus on skill work for the snatch much like what we did last week with the clean. We are focused on the high hang position and hang positions here to reinforce a better contact point through the hip. Then we move into a challenging DB complex to finish things off.

Thursday: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

Today, is a little different than our typical style of day. We are starting off heavy and developing a heavy 4 on deadlifts @ around 80% and then moving our way into some skills and drills on bar muscle-ups, where we can practice in our gymnastics conditioning piece.

Friday: "Kill Bill"

We like to keep Friday's as a benchmark style feel. We hit some weightlifting technique work on the clean and jerk and then move into barbell conditioning with the hang power clean and push jerk followed by max burpees.

Saturday: "Aliens"

Today is a fun partner workout where we are mixing the styles of partner workouts within one. We have some synchro, some split work, and some alternating work.

Sunday: "Sicario"

We finish off our week with a challenging superset of bench press and pushups where density is the key. We are really packing in the effort and volume on the horizontal press here which will definitely leave you just a touch sore come the new week ahead. Then we get into a challenging 2 round workout that will be sure to challenge both heart rate and muscular stamina!

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