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CrossFit Week of 10.18.21

Monday: “Longfellow Deeds”

Starting the week off with an alternating EMOM of Back Squats and Front Squats. The focus for these is on developing the Front Squat where we are working at accumulation of volume around 80% of 1RM. We will then move into a Front Squat + TTB metcon, where we will be adding volume to the squats along with continuing to develop our capacity at holding big sets on TTB.

Tuesday: "Jocko"

Focus today is on developing positions in the snatch. We are starting off with 4 sets of hang power snatch, then 4 sets of low hang squat snatch. We are working both up to around 80%. Then we will move into a 10:00 AMRAP of HSPU, KBS, and Box Jumps. Here we are working on reinforcing hip extension and accumulating some volume pressing overhead in our gymnastics.

Wednesday: “Happy"

Volume bodyweight conditioning is the name of the game today. We are looking to work in the range of 8:00 on/ 4:00 off. Expect a good deal of pump as we get towards the 3rd set here today.

Thursday: “O’Doyle Rules!” and “T-T-T-Today Jr!”

We are hitting a doozy of a combo today. Some barbell cycling in a 10:00 EMOM. Focus here is efficiency and breathing during the barbell cycling component. Then we move into anaerobic lactic endurance here with a spicy conditioning effort of 5x30sec bike with 2:00 rest periods. Focus should be on the final 3 sprints and use the first two as a gauge for the rest.

Friday: "Bobby Boucher"

We are hitting a benchmark style workout today with Thrusters, Rowing, and Burpee Box Jump Overs! We want athletes to really find their threshold today in a piece that should be in that 11:00-15:00 time domain. Find a pace on the rower that allows recovery without slowing you down too much. The burpee box jumps will get challenging towards round 3 and being able to hit those consistently with a smooth effort and go right back to thrusters is where the workout is won.

Saturday: "Grown Ups"

We are hitting a team workout here with the emphasis on core and shoulder stability. Athletes will have some substantial rest periods worked in here, so they should be able to let it rip and maintain form when they hit their next sets.

Sunday: "Big Daddy"

Today’s theme is strength/skill. We are starting off working on handstand holds with tuck hangs from the pull-up bar. This is all straight arm strength work as a primer for the strength EMOM we are hitting in the next piece. Our strength conditioning piece today is built around being able to practice some DB movements with heavier loads and develop a little more skill while under moderate fatigue.

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