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CrossFit Week of 10.25.21

Monday: "Unagi"

Hang Snatch Tough Double, followed by 6 rounds of a triplet with Box Jump Overs, Overhead squats, and Ring muscle-ups.

Focus today is to build off what we have been doing with our snatch progressions and then bringing in a high capacity metcon that involves a little bit of high skill gymnastics under fatigue.

Tuesday: "No One's Ready"

Starting off the day with some Handstand Push-Up Density work, then moving into a fun mix of pressing and core movements with increasing reps of Wall Walks. Expectation here is that everything will move smooth, but localized fatigue through the lower abs will begin to limit pacing.

Wednesday: "Wedding Season"

Today is all about grip and stamina. We have two parts two this workout, both parts being triplets. We have Running, Deads, and Farmers Carry, followed by Running, Hang Power Cleans and Farmers Carry. By the time you get to that farmers carry, 100ft will feel challenging. Stay moving quickly and focus on bracing and pacing.

Thursday: "All the Resolutions"

We are hitting a burner today, with the emphasis on pushing the intensity. We want to be able to push the pace today and really work on transitions between movements. We are also working into a little core finisher here that is sure to leave you feeling like you got a quality full body hit today.

Friday: "Prom Video"

Again, we are hitting Friday's with the theme of Benchmark style workouts. We are continuing to build our volume in the Squat @ 80%+ range and then getting into a 20:00 AMRAP of Rowing, Toe to Bar, and Power Snatches. With the amount of volume on Toe to Bar we have been putting in, these sets of 15 should feel strong, even with grip fatigue coming into play.

Saturday: "East German Laundry Detergent"

We are hitting the split jerk today and working up to a tough single for the day. We really just want to reinforce a solid punch and lockout on the jerk, so today a heavy single it is. Then, its KB conditioning and bringing in some different style strength capacity pieces to the mix.

Sunday: "Friends"

Partner WOD Saturday! Best kind of a Saturday. We named the workout “Friends”, to have a little irony at play as this partner workout is a competition. The expectation is that the total working time for the day is around 16:00-25:00, as the real time is dictated by when both partners have each run 1 mile. We will be hitting a ladder on the Squat Cleans of escalating weight, along with Pull-Ups and Wall Balls. Because of the time domain and style of workout here, we want to spend some time dialing in the squat clean with that barbell primer, as well as talking through the specific points on the kipping pull-up.

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