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CrossFit Exemplify - Yorkville Week of 11.1.21

Monday - "Bella Swan"

Stamina, muscular endurance and pacing is the name of the game. We are getting after rope climbs, single arm overhead walking lunges, box jump overs, and the bike in a fun little mix today. This style of workout naturally slows down the overall pace of each segment, which will allow for the intensity to come down to start the deload week off right while still giving our athletes a quality challenging workout.

Tuesday - "Werewolf"

This one is about that intensity and fire. We are hitting a challenging triplet that leaves no room to hide. American KBS, thrusters, and bar facing burpees. There aren't many better combos to put together to raise that heart rate and we are chasing just that. Pace should be fast, sets should either quick sets with short rests, or unbroken segments with purposeful transitions. Have athletes track their heart rate from part 1 to part 2 and see how fast and how well it comes down in that 5:00 rest period.

Wednesday - "Edward"

We are focused on tapping into the bench press at sub maximal loads to enhance form and speed of contraction. Overall loading and reps are very manageable here with 4 Sets of 3 @ 65-75%. This will keep the neuromuscular system fresh and the body feeling good. We then move into a fun 15:00 AMRAP where we are hitting rowing, power cleans, and wall walks. We are getting a little hinge overload with the row + power clean combo, but then give the posterior chain a little rest with a bigger segment of wall walks.

Thursday - "Billy Black"

Today, its all about strength, stability, and stamina. Maintaining posture and composure in the double unders after GHD sit-ups and farmers carry is the focus. The rest period is placed in there for a couple reasons. First off, we can space out our athletes a little better in class and allow for a delayed start and secondly this allows athletes to keep faster speed of contraction on the sit-ups and be more purposeful on each segment.

Friday - "Carlisle"

As has been the theme, we are getting into a benchmark style workout today. We are first tackling some front squats, again to keep things firing while still staying fresh and allowing the body to recovery. Then we are going into "Carlisle" where we are hitting a very fun combo of movements that should mimic the stimulus of "Helen" with just a little more added flare.

Saturday - "The Baseball Field"

Today we chasing the pump. We will start things off with a little row + dumbbell bench combo and have allotted some time today to hit a little tabata pump finisher with bicep curls, dips, and close grip bench press. Bring your tank tops and have fun tackling this one!

Sunday - "The Battle Training"

We love our partner workouts on weekends and this one will definitely not disappoint. We have wall balls, deadlifts, and handstand push-ups as a quality mix to really challenge the posterior chain as well as our over head press. Idea here today is to challenge athletes with what they are good at and strategize the workout with their partners. Athletes can break things up anyway they want so having one partner do more wall balls or deadlifts and the other tackle more handstand pushups might be the way to go today.

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