Membership Options For You

Available Memberships


Unlimited Classes

This membership option includes CrossFit, BURN and Weightlifting classes.


Flexible 13

This membership includes 13 classes available throughout the month of CrossFit, BURN or Weightlifting.


BURN classes only

For members who only plan to attend the BURN classes.  This is an unlimited membership for BURN classes only.




Weightlifting Program (Includes a Burn membership)


Legends (Basic Strength & Conditioning)

Member may attend any class time for the Legends classes up to 3 times/week.
(Includes a BURN membership)


Unlimited Plus 24/7 Access

Unlimited Classes plus 24/7 access to gym.



Punch Card - CrossFit

12 sessions for CrossFit classes (expires in 90 days)


Punch Card - Burn

12 sessions for Burn classes (expires in 90 days)


Dropping In for a Class?

Want to drop in for just one class?  We would love to have you.  We can modify any program's daily workout to meet individual needs, modifications and fitness levels.


Dropping In for a Week?

In the area for a week?  Join us for a 1-week membership.  Good for CrossFit, Burn, Legends or Weightlifting.  Sessions expire 7 days from start date.