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Choose Your Perfect Program

Find the Right One for You


Our 60-minute coach-led small group class is a perfect blend of strength & conditioning to create a fitter, healthier and more capable version of your best self.

Beginner through advanced welcome.

* Increase energy throughout the day
* Be a part of a community of great people

* Relieve the stress of everyday life

* Become your fittest self possible


Are you a busy person?

BURN is 30-minutes of fast, fun, effective, coach-led group exercise.  Get in, get your workout done and get on with your day!  Always beginner-friendly with no experience needed.

* Get toned lean, muscle

* Lose fat

Legends (Basic Strength & Conditioning)

Join us for a 45-minute class focusing on proper movement, functional fitness, strength building and conditioning work.  No high skill or complex movements. Primarily ages 50+ but welcome to all ages.

* Move better in everyday life

* Maintain & build muscular strength

* Keep the heart healthy

Nutrition Coaching

Good nutrition is the foundation of health and your fitness journey.  It is the quickest way to help you reach your goals.  Let our Nutrition Coach guide you through!

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