CrossFit Teens & Kids Classes

Coached by CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer Mel Zierman and Coach Julie Richmond

TEENS (ages 12-15)

Wed: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Sat: Coming Soon!

KIDS (ages 5-11)

Sat: 10:00am-10:45am


Punch Cards

For both Kids and Teens Classes


10 Class Punch Card

10 classes to use within 90 days of purchase


5 Class Punch Card

5 classes to use within 90 days of purchase


FREE TRIAL or 1 class only

Use this one time use only FREE TRIAL.  After that, it's $10 for 1 class purchase.


CrossFit Kids & Teens

Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics, Agility, Power, Speed and more...

"Our goal for CrossFit Kids & Teens is to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. As they leave this program, the hope is that physical activity remains an integral part of their lives, whether as part of continual journey toward general fitness or in search of optimal performance on the field of sport. A primary mechanism for that is to constantly teach safe and efficient movement." (CrossFit.com)


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